googleIn our web business strategy class we started to explore into what Google plus really is. We did some research and here are some reasons why a company should be active on Google plus:

1. You can get found across Google. When customers search on Google the results to the right of the page will sometimes give insight, photos, videos to your Google+ page.

2, Getting face to face with customers for no charge: Wherever your followers are, Google+ brings them together and helps you talk with them. There are ten way video calls and hangouts, this really helps you stay connected.

3. Making social accountable, Google+ really offers in depth information showing how Google+ contributes to your company.

4. For events because Google+ it easy to share, set up and promote. It is similar to Facebook events, but it allows for higher level of activity.

5. Your posts on Google+ can reach the your target audience if your are using the Circles features correctly.

Although, there are many advantages for businesses being on Google+ there are some disadvantages for it as well:

1. Although Google+ is the second biggest social networks it is the least well-known and very misunderstood by most people.

2. Business pages are still really just testing Google+ out for now, Many people are still unsure how to use it.

3. Google has access to mostly everything you do, so the Question is whether or not your trust them with access to your business.

4. Google plus has a relatively low reach still. Google+  serves a lot smaller of a market than networks like Facebook and Twitter, and many customers cannot be reached through Google+. They will not be interested in your Google+ page because they are not active on it.

5. Google has not had the best social media track record, therefore people are skeptical whether or not Google+ will really start to become more relevant.

Overall I think Google+ has a lot of potential to really succeed in the future. Google has all the resources to make Google+ as useful and  effective as possible. I think in the near future it will become a well known used networking place, people are just slowly getting to really understand the in’s and out’s of it all. I was really unsure of what Google+ even was until doing more research in my class, I had only really just heard of it. I think business’s should definitely create one because it won’t hurt and in the future will most likely become very beneficial.


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