Fin and Feather Twitter Analysis

I am going to share how Fin and Feather H20 should use their twitter account to use it to their advantage in the social media world. It is a great form of marketing and a way to promote their company to such a large amount of people. There are accounts they should follow as an easy way to connect with people.

Fin and Feather Should Follow:

University Of Iowa @UIOWA

This will help them stay in the loop with the updates through the University and be able to promote their company and gain more followers in the area.

Fin and Feather

They should be connecting with their parent company and able to really utilize their account their following their page as they do promote it through the other social media sites they already have.

The Weather Channel and News

As a boat rental company, weather is a huge factor in their business. This will help them be able to re tweet them and people will be aware of the daily weather for boating and what not.

The Big Ten Network

They can connect with students through re-tweeting relevant information through them.

General News Such as the Daily Iowan

This serves the entire community and they can retweet things and also use these to share knowledge about general things in the news even outside just being a water rental facility and will show they  are supportive of other things in their community.

Potential Twitter Handlers:




Private Messaging:

If a customer has been very good at promoting our company and re tweeting our tweets I would reply in a separate message: Fin and Feather wanted to personally reach out to you for being such a loyal customer and really gaining awareness for our company through constantly retweeting and having nothing but positive things to say about us. As a thanks to your effort to help promote our business the next time you come in you will get one free water rental, we hope to see you soon.

If a customer was very upset with a situation I would again reach out personally saying: We have seen that you have not been satisfied with Fin and Feather lately and are willing to do our absolute best to fix the problem if there is a better way to contact you via email or phone so we can take all strides to get this situation worked out, as we care deeply about our customers we are sorry for the inconvenience.

Hash tags:

For our customer Appreciation week we are giving the first ten rentals of the day half off #love #customers #greatdeal

This hundred degree weather is to hot to not be on the water #staycool

These tweets are to get people to come out and enjoy the water equipment. Having deals on rentals gives an incentive for people to want to come out and try our facility especially if they have never been before. I think people try things they normally would not when there are great deals for them. Also tweeting about the weather and how hot out is may influence people wanting to stay cool and go on the lake for the day.








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