Fin and Feather H2o Report/Review

Fin and Feather is a company that specializes in water recreations rental facility for the Iowa City Area, renting all different kinds of rental facility as well as selling food. The purpose of this post is to evaluate Fin & Feather H2O’s digital marketing strategy that they currently have in use. Now a days digital marketing is becoming a big way to promote your brand and company. Technology is continuing to advance and customers are consistently using search engines to find your business and research them. If you are failing to be noticed or keep up with your digital marketing customers lose interest in your brand or company due to the lack of information on it. I have done some research to see how successful their current digital marketing strategy is.

“Own” or “Rent” Existence

I started off by evaluating if Fin and Feather H2o had both a “rent” and “own” existence in their digital marketing strategy. After doing some research through the internet it appears that fin and feather only has a “rent” existence, only active on foursquare and Facebook with no linkage to a domain/website. When their is no “own” existence it does not add as much value to consumers and is harder to control their success and a potential competitor can come and put you out of business fairly quickly.

 Shouting or Adding Value to “Rent” Existence

When looking at their Facebook page it seems to be trying to add value to their customers instead of just simple “shouting” to them and nagging them to rent their products. They are constantly promoting and suggesting coming out the lake when the weather is beautiful but I think that is successful marketing and they are not just simple putting statuses like, “come rent a paddleboat now!” over and over. I don’t think the information is to overwhelming and your face but more making you aware of the events and things that are going on to get you to come out and join them in the nice weather.

Are they solving for Global or Local Maxima

Since Fin and Feather did not seem to really have and “own” existence deciding whether or not they are aiming towards one main outcome or many outcomes is difficult. They do have a mother company called Fin and Feather which is for outdoor gear and see if their current strategy is “global” or “local” maxima. When looking at their website it seemed to me that they are solving for a global maxima with wanting to capture the consumers attention with many different outcomes because they are selling so many different types of outdoor equipment such as camping, fishing, hunting, even outdoor apparel. Regardless of their mother company having a “own” existence I think that Fin and Feather H2o really need to start creating and “own” existence as well. I think their mother website should also have a little more information on what they do and even introducing their new investment in Fin and Feather H2o until they create their own website/domain.

Mobile Strategy

As of now Fin and Feather H2o do not seem to have a mobile strategy and seeming that they are fairly new, maybe it is in the near future. I think having a mobile app for Fin and Feather could be very beneficial, especially that people are constantly on their phones. If they had a mobile app where people could go and make appointments  to rent the equipment they wanted, they would not need to wait to get there to rent. It is also  could be good because if certain equipment is sold out for the day the apps could keep you updated on when each type of equipment was available for use on that day.




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